Your Type - INFP

Feeling with
Extraverted Intuiting


Thoughtful and considerate, INFPs are quietly perceptive, emotionally deep, individuals. However, being inclined to focus on the Introverted world of abstract thoughts and ideas, they may keep their great interpersonal warmth hidden from those they do not know well. Flexible and free-thinking, they will examine new situations from novel, theoretical perspectives. Quietly curious and introspective, they focus on the deeper hidden patterns and meanings behind surface forms and structures. Using their Intuition to look beyond the obvious known facts in a given situation, they will be motivated to get to the heart of theoretical issues. Thus, they often prefer to work either on their own, or with a small group of supportive, like-minded colleagues. Open and accepting of others' idiosyncrasies, and valuing autonomy, they are inclined to feel stifled by rigid systems and procedures. They will have a tight circle of close friends, who will value their authenticity and genuine concern for others' welfare.


Being orientated towards the Introverted domain of subjective mental events and feelings, INFPs may sometimes need to be drawn out when in the company of others. Perceptive, thoughtful and considerate, they may resist being the first to express their own deeply held personal views and opinions. Sensitive to others¹ feelings, they will not needlessly criticise colleagues in meetings and discussions. Averse to conflict and discord, they will work to resolve disagreements by actively seeking compromise and consensus. They are likely to resist organising colleagues, preferring instead to work alongside people in an egalitarian manner. Flexible and free-thinking, they will be open to others¹ points of view. Tending only to express their deeply held values and ideals to close friends, others may not always be aware of the true depth of their feelings. Thus, they are likely to be at their best when communicating on a one-to-one basis, with colleagues who value their theoretical, open-minded approach to problems.


INFPs are known for their creative, abstract, theory-driven approach to problem solving. More interested in understanding why things work, rather than simply perceiving how they work, they will look beyond the superficial facts and data in search of deeper hidden truths. However, this does not mean that they will lack interest in solving practical, real-world problems. Rather, it means that they approach such problems by focusing on the theoretical concepts that underpin the problem at hand. Inclined to focus on the broader picture, attending to the detailed requirements of a task may not come naturally to them. They will be committed to completing tasks that catch their imagination; working in bursts of great enthusiasm and energy. With their preference for Feeling, they will be attuned to the impact their actions will have upon those around them. Quite able to function effectively in groups and committees, they may feel most at home brainstorming ideas with one or two like minded friends and colleagues.


Colleagues will value their quietly supportive, co-operative, egalitarian interpersonal style. However, their egalitarian style, and desire to manage by consensus, may be misinterpreted by some as indicating an inability to take difficult, unpopular decisions. Perceptive and sensitive to others¹ needs, they will be viewed as thoughtful, considerate, understanding and helpful. However, if others try to take unfair advantage of their goodwill, and genuine offers of help, this may generate feelings of resentment. They are likely to be viewed as Œdeep thinkers¹ who may sometimes be prone to flights of fantasy. More down-to-earth colleagues, who are less interested than them in the subtle nuances of a problem, may sometimes fear that they lose sight of practical, day-to-day realities. Avoiding dogmatism, they will be seen as free-thinking, open-minded individuals. Inclined to become engrossed in their own thoughts, some may view them as being a little disorganised or absentminded at times.