The Jung Type Indicator

The Jung Type Indicator (JTI) is a brief, easy to administer, self-report questionnaire that has been designed to help people identify their psychological type. It has been developed using modern scaling techniques to provide a reliable and valid measure of people's preferences for the psychological functions.

The JTI is an indispensable tool for helping people manage issues of personal change and growth. By providing insight into the fundamental psychological processes, the JTI stimulates self awareness and acts as a constructive framework in which people can understand and explore their interpersonal and thinking styles.

Within organisations the JTI can be used to enhance personal effectiveness and facilitate team building. The JTI questionnaire items are acceptable to people from a broad range of cultural backgrounds, providing a modern, reliable and valid measure of Jungian type.

The JTI has been designed to be used as a personal development tool and, to this end, combines: questions; answer sheet; profile chart and capsule type descriptions in one self-scoring test booklet. Most respondents complete the questionnaire in under ten minutes, and score it in less than five minutes. After scoring and profiling their questionnaire respondents can identify their best fit type in the capsule "type descriptions" from the drop-down menu.